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Hot Screen-Set HS014

Hot Screen-Set HS014
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The AMY Hot Screen attachment replaces the aluminum foil. Simply place the glowing coal on the...mehr
Produktinformationen "Hot Screen-Set HS014"

The AMY Hot Screen attachment replaces the aluminum foil. Simply place the glowing coal on the finely perforated screen and then place it on the fireplace. 

The screen of the AMY Hot Screen attachment ensures that the coal has a firm hold. The attached handle makes it easy to remove the coal screen from the fireplace attachment. The tube causes the so-called chimney effect and allows the excess heat to escape. The shisha tobacco remains edible longer.

The AMY Hot Screen attachment can be disassembled into 4 parts.
Pure nature: Unglazed clay and a natural color make the head the highlight on the hookah 
Practical & Good: Especially for beginners, the head offers some advantages. It is easy to build and forgives many mistakes. Also taste and smoke development are not to be despised! 
Carefree package: The head already comes with a hot screen attachment. So you don't need to worry about additional accessories.

Height (incl. head) approx. 14 cm
Material clay
Diameter approx. 9 cm

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